Legal Aid to Poor

Legal Aid to Poor

Legal Aid to Poor

While legal awareness is the natural starting point for legal empowerment, it has often to be followed by legal assistance in actually accessing rights.

Justice do not reach the weaker sections of the society due to a number of reasons like cumbersome procedural delays, which they, often being without basic information and at times, illiterate, neither understand nor appreciate. So, here our purpose will be to firstly guide them regarding their legal rights and then giving free legal assistance to them free of cost since they cannot afford the services of a lawyer for the conduct of a case or a legal proceeding in any court, tribunal or before an authority.

 Spreading of awareness Regarding Their Legal Rights
We try to make them aware of their rights through meetings, camping and publication of legal paper so that they do not suffer from discrimination, poverty and hunger and lack of access to healthcare and education regardless of race, religion or background.

 The Consultative Role
Where support documentation and dissemination of information and expertise is critical, we will provide appropriate legal support to solve the critical issues. Counselling will be provided by trained and reputed lawyers associated with the group.

 Bridging the Gap
Those persons who either by reason of being inhabitants of backward areas or who are so remotely placed that their voice cannot reach the Courts of justice, that whenever required we will file Public Interest Litigations (PIL) for the sake of rights of unprivileged in such cases.

 Legal aid clinics in villages
Ignorance of what to do when faced with law-related situations is a common problem for the uneducated people. Legal aid clinics work on the lines of primary health centers, where assistance is given; assist in drafting simple notices, filling up forms to avail benefits under governmental schemes and by giving initial advice on simple problems. A legal aid clinic is a facility to assist and empower people who face barriers in ‘Access to Justice.’

 Para-legal Volunteers 
Volunteers from village can be trained as trained para-legal Volunteers to run legal aid clinics in villages. The common people in villages will feel more confident to discuss their problems with a friendly volunteer from their own community rather than with a city-based legal professional. When complex legal problems are involved, the services of professional lawyers will also be made available in the legal aid clinics.