CSR ACtivities

CSR ACtivities

CSR ACtivities

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not new in India. It emerged from the ‘Vedic period” when history was not recorded in India. In that period, Kings had an obligation towards society and merchants displayed their own business responsibility by building places of worship, education, inns and wells.

The acceptance of social responsibility is redirecting Indians to their cherished values and teachings of their ancestors and their religious scriptures in the field of business.

There are different ways through which we help the oraganisations in exerting positive social change in society. We provide structured and professional services to enable companies, donors and NGOs to collaborate with each other and impact thousands of lives in India.

 Research and Implementation of Schemes

  • Identifying Potential Areas for CSR Activities
  • Analyzing the socio-economic environment of the selected area
  • Prioritization of issues
  • Formation of Polices
  • Implementation, Managing andSupervising
  • Ensuring community involvement and sustainable impact

 Customization of Projects as per donor’s specification
Donated amount can be disbursed in any of our ongoing projects, or if suitable in any New Project suggested by Donor after seeing the workability of that project.

 Brand Building
Promotions of your company on our Social Media Platforms and website. Further, putting up hoardings of your Company or brand on the projects where you invest. A company considered socially responsible can benefit -both by its enhanced reputation with the public, as well as its reputation within the business community, increasing a company’s ability to attract capital and trading partners.

 Tax exemption 
Tax exemption can be availed on CSR spending under section 80 G.