Rural development is basically the process of bringing change among rural population from the traditional way of living to progressive way of living. Our country is on a journey of attaining a title of ‘Developed Country’; Lex Alliance Foundation tries to cover a few miles by taking some significant steps towards the development of our backward sections of society.

 Improving sanitary conditions for the villagers
Construction of public toilets, decreasing incidence of water-borne diseases with safe drinking water kiosks, water delivery services, affordable filtration systems and practical sanitation solutions.

 Opening up of Charitable Dispensaries
In villages, not just treatment for the ailments will be carried out, but the villagers will also be educated about the prevention of numerous diseases with the help of adequate health education resources. Further, we facilitate tie-ups with nearest Hospitals in case of any emergencies in the adjacent rural area.

 Vocational Training
A typical rural economy will have abundant manpower but with low education levels, lack of employment skills and lack of awareness. The positive side would be the availability of young lot with at least basic level of education and with high training potential. These young individuals can be trained for specific skill set needed to carry out various core and subsidiary functions in any planned business unit. Training Module can include Enhancement of IT skills, textiles and dressmaking, Carpentry, Masonry, Plumbing, Electrical, and Packaging etc.

 Building local capacity for employment and diversification 
» Restructuring and modernizing the agriculture sector.

» To manage and implement all Governmental and non-governmental schemes meant for human welfare and to utilize the financial and other assistance from National and International agencies/organizations.

» To establish such Animal husbandry and agriculture based Cooperative Production Training Centers which are economically self-reliant and help the society in reducing the dependency on outside help.

» Creating new outlets for agricultural and forestry products, including the development of renewable energy materials, biofuels and processing capacity.

» Non-productive land should be used for industrial parks and the rural people should be benefitted through skill development and thus employed in the industry. Productive land should be used for modern techniques in farming, eg: vertical farming. Rural people should be taught about the technique and so that they can be considered for employment under any government project. The basic facilities like school, housing, soil labs etc. are made available to them.

» Empowering agriculture will help to reduce the migration of workforce from village to cities.

 Development of Online Market
Research in every village to figure out the goods which they can manufacture. Later, an analysis on the best ways to make those goods needs to be done. The villagers should be taught the manufacturing so that they can be a part of it. A team of localites is formed with atleast 2-3 literates; development of e-commerce website where the produce of our villages can be posted with the help of that team; orders can be picked by them and sent to the buyer. Eventually, the purchase amount is directly transferred to the post office account of the seller. Same can be done for services which the villagers have to offer.